Into Silver Spring

  • Travelling along, we stumbled across a group of assassins associated with House Tsalaxa (Doran, the Crodlu rider, was the leader, and had underlings Varlu, Baros, and Arghan). While we were fighting them, Paul Drake appeared and helped us defeat them (though the Crodlu escaped).
  • Paul had spoken to Rhotan before leaving, and was not supposed to come along. After some negotiations, it was agreed that he would get one magic item from the trove, and no more money would be given to the party.
  • We arrived at Silver Spring.
  • We gave the guards the heads of the Crimson Scarves, and got the 50gp bounty.
  • Gharn, Aurora, and Paul got rooms at the Lusty Lady, while Diligence and Scarecrow decided to stay in the Blacksmith’s shed.
  • We went to see Toramund in the 5th story of his tower. We gave him the letter from Iseel, and he seemed slightly touched. We then talked to him about the desert a bit.
  • Isan gave us 10gp.



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