Into Silver Spring
  • Travelling along, we stumbled across a group of assassins associated with House Tsalaxa (Doran, the Crodlu rider, was the leader, and had underlings Varlu, Baros, and Arghan). While we were fighting them, Paul Drake appeared and helped us defeat them (though the Crodlu escaped).
  • Paul had spoken to Rhotan before leaving, and was not supposed to come along. After some negotiations, it was agreed that he would get one magic item from the trove, and no more money would be given to the party.
  • We arrived at Silver Spring.
  • We gave the guards the heads of the Crimson Scarves, and got the 50gp bounty.
  • Gharn, Aurora, and Paul got rooms at the Lusty Lady, while Diligence and Scarecrow decided to stay in the Blacksmith’s shed.
  • We went to see Toramund in the 5th story of his tower. We gave him the letter from Iseel, and he seemed slightly touched. We then talked to him about the desert a bit.
  • Isan gave us 10gp.
Crimson Oasis

Dear Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Kindness, and Humilty,

I hope things are well back on the farm and that this year’s llamas ain’t being too spitty. I still haven’t tracked down Patience yet, but I’m still feelin’ pretty hopeful that he’ll turn up soon.

I had some interesting adventures today. Y’all remember that godly lady Aurora and the tough Hob Gharn I mentioned (and I’m just gonna assume y’all remember good old Scarecrow)? Well, it seems that Gharn‘s got him some friend named Rhotan from way back who was looking for some help and protection for finding some stash of treasure from that merchant family we once bought our llama breeding stock from (I’ll have to check with Scarecrow for the name, I think it was something like Madar though). Anyhow, we set out on a desert caravan, and at first it weren’t so bad. My friends are pretty bright, so we managed to avoid most of the real dangerous desert critters. But then we stopped at an oasis for water, when these bandits or raiders or something attacked us! And let me tell ya, they were some pretty tough customers. We managed to fight ‘em off in the end, but unfortunately they all died. I suppose that’s why it pays to be a farmer instead of a bandit. Maybe they’ll learn that lesson in the next life.

Anyway, we got a few trinkets offa them (3 barbed spears, 4 hide armor, 3 daggers, 1 mace, 1 totem, 1 club, and 2 potions of fruits of healing, just in case you were wondering), and it turns out that they were these folks, Drokan and Yassai of the Crimson Scarves, we’d seen a wanted sign for back in Tyr! We can get some sort of bounty for dealin’ with them in the next big city, Silver Spring, from some chief named Toramund. Having the money’d be nice and all, I just wish it weren’t so bloody to get it. Well, we’d a had to visit this Tormund fella anyhow, seein’ as we’ve got a letter to deliver from Iseel, his wife or sister or somesuch. No clue what the letters about (Y’all know I was never too good with the squiggly languages the fair-folk like), but she seemed mighty anxious to have it delivered.

Well, that’s whats new with me. Give all the folks at home my hello, and don’t turn my room into a stable just yet, I’m sure I’ll be home with Patience in tow before the end of the year.




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