Northern Continent

Arakion North

Dareus Tribes

A collection of disorganized tribes that control most of the northern ice lands. These tribes range from a few families to tens of thousands of warriors. They are largely nomadic, which sometimes drives them into conflict with their southern neighbors.

The Valen

A wild land, small city states stand along the storm-ridden but resource rich coast.


A large Elven country, Triarchia has a complicated political structure which keeps it from exerting much influence beyond its own borders. Family ties are extremely important, with a complex clan structure competing with a powerful religious bureaucracy for power.

Triarchia is shoring up Pholus as a bulwark against further Akoran expansion.


A halfling nation, Pholus is tottering on the edge of collapse due to a large Akoran invasion. Support from Triarchia and Nipos is the only thing preventing complete collapse. Before the invasion, the country was pastoral, and renowned for its light cavalry.

Northern Continent

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