Southern Continent

Arakion South


The most powerful nation in this part of Arakion, Akora is an expansionist Dwarven state ruled by an ascended emperor. It has absorbed all of a neighboring human state and is fighting with all of its neighbors.


Founded by settlers from Vargald, Haragald is also known as the Kingdom of the Isle. The Kor River flows through the heartlands of the nation, providing rich farmlands to support the only military consistently capable of defeating Akora. Haragald also dominates trade in the Inner Sea.


An ancient Elven kingdom, Damaria is intensely inwardly focused. Its people are highly honor-bound, and reject all trappings of modernity. While they are known for being masters of the sword and bow, many of its people are unable to understand machines—even those as simple as a door knob. No locks, crossbows, or even lanterns can be found in this densely wooded land.


A mercantile nation, Zerish’s power lies in it’s great Iron Ships which give it undisputed control over the neighboring seas.

Free Cities

A collection of three mercantile cities, sitting astride major desert trade routes, particularly controlling trade with the distant lands to the south west.


A human nation, Keogald is now occupied by Akora. It was home to Content Not Found: diligence-bauer.

Southern Continent

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