Aroman is the father of all the deities. He split his consciousness into 6 parts, and then created 6 vessels for these powers, and in doing so he created the 6 true deities of the Arakionese pantheon. Aroman retained control over nature itself, and so he is also known as the Father of Storms, and The True Lord. Druids often worship Aroman, though they draw their powers from a similar source as Arcane spell casters, it is thought that Aroman filters their spells unconsciously.

Corell is a LG deity, and in his portfolio is Law, Honor, Combat, and Justice. Corell is also the patron of the of Triarchia, and his clerics control much of the country’s bureaucracy.

Kevast is the NE deity of strength, war, death, and chaos. Kevast is the patron diety of
many leaders of the Dareus tribes.

Celest is the NG deity of good, secrets, travel, stars, and knowledge. Celest is venerated
in Haragald and Akora, though the recent conflict has threatened his place in Akoran society.

Bekol is the CG deity of the sea, water, truth, honor, and loyalty. Bekol particularly venerated in Zerish and Nipos, and any seagoing people.

Ishmar is the LE deity of treachry, mercantilism, survival, lore. Ishmar is the central deity of Vargald worship, and he also appears side by side with Celest in the Vargald-descended Haraken. Other races sometimes dismiss humans as the spawn of Ishmar, due to their historical ties to this deity.

Makamin is CE deity of chaos, violence, death, pain, destruction, lies, and vengeance. While not an important figure in any single country, Makamin is present in every society, with a small but powerful core of worshippers who often work together with Kevast to accomplish their plans.

Powerful heroes from across the continents are known to ascend, becoming demigods. These gods have subservient roles to the seven leading deities, and act as intermediaries for certain countries and groups. While the leading seven gods are worshipped in all lands, specific demigods usually have a much smaller follower base, and intercede more directly in mortal affairs.


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