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This is very much a work in progress. Please bear with me as I start cleaning things up.

What distinguishes Arakion?

  • Arakion is a young world, created less than a thousand years ago. The inhabitants of the world were brought together from elsewhere—which means that different cultures, environments, and beings are thrown into a bit of a mixing pot. Arakion is a dynamic and growing world. Unlike so many fantasy worlds, the best is yet to come.
  • Arakion is very much a blank slate. I want players to take an active role in fleshing out most places in the game.
  • I don’t really care if the players are winning or not. Game balance is all well and good, but I’m happy to allow greater flexibility at the cost of more powerful players.

Character generation

Please begin generating level 1 characters, any core WOTC material (which means no Eberron stuff, for example) allowed. Ideally, you’d coordinate to make sure most roles are covered. If you want to do something particularly funky, please check with me first.

Feel flexible with world history and backstories. There are a lot of poorly explored territories and lands, where anything is possible.

Home Page

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